About Us

 In 2000, TCT Construction opened its doors and started with one goal in mind; to be successful by providing homeowners and clients with quality designs, attention to detail in craftsmanship and professional management skills.  As a US ARMY  Veteran, I was taught and understood the value of commitment, responsibility and reliability.  I carried those values forward to ensure this company's success.  In the first few years, TCT Construction signed multiple contracts with several developers and builders in metro Atlanta and was a key player and component in helping those companies become successful. Due to the increasing amount of contracted work provided by those companies, it provided an opportunity for us to expand and grow into the remodel and design company we are today. 

 The company strives to produce a resonable time schedule for homeowners and clients to complete projects.  The construction and remodel industry is difficult to predict when it comes to completion and finished products due to the nature of what is behind each wall or under every floor, but TCT works very closily with all its crews and sub-contractors to ensure that each phase of work is completed to meet or exceed the guidlines of the local code inforcement and the IBC regulations for residential and light commerical construction. 

 In today's economy TCT Construction continues to secure contracts based on the same goal it started 13 years ago; quality designs, project management and a relatinship with homeowners and clients that provide service and satisfaction for the investment that they place in our hands. As the owner, I will continue to ensure that every project and design has the quality and look that we start out to accomplish from an idea on paper, a set of drawings or "brain storming" together with the homeowners to create the feel of look that is rewarded upon completion by  having our homeowners say "Great Work and Thank You"